650,000,000 650 million people in the world don't have access to safe water.


We provide clean, drinking water to citizens in rural and in remote geographies.

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13,000,000 Every year, over 13 million children under the age of 5 years die from illnesses.


We provide affordable healthcare for basic needs, especially in villages and where healthcare is scarce or not available.

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1,200,000,000 1.2 billion people are without access to electricity.


We encourage the usage of clean, green technology to deliver cheap energy to power light, cooking, heating and manufacturing.

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775,000,000 775 million adults — approximately 12 percent of the world’s population — are considered functionally illiterate.


We deliver affordable or free education to the masses, by applying technology to deliver practical learning by skilled teachers.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Ron Mehta’s 1970 Pledge to Give Back to India Results in Nearly $1 Million Over 25 Years in Total Philanthropic Contributions  Most recent donation from IIT Bombay...

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WHEELS New York Gala Invite


    Download Sponsorship benefits details Click here to Purchase Gala Tickets and Sponsorships  

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Deepak Chopra, Rajat Gupta on Leadership & Next Generation of PIO Potential at IIT Conf


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Deepak Chopra, Rajat Gupta on Leadership & Next Generation of PIO Potential at the 2nd Annual IIT Bay Area Leadership Conference   Santa Clara, CA -...

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WHEELS Global Foundation Co-Sponsors VA Obesity Campaign event


      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WHEELS Global Foundation Co-Sponsors the NObesity Revolutionary 2K Walk for VOAC Partnered with MOVE!, a national weight management program designed by Veteran Affairs Bethesda,...

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Unleashing the Forgotten Billion of India


Unleashing the Forgotten Billion of India   A saying in Hindi goes, Pehle darshan dhari, phir gun vichari. We initially judge something by its appearance than by its quality. The...

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Raise a Gallon Raise a Nation


  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WHEELS Global Foundation Launches Their First Crowdfunding Campaign on World Water DayRaising $10,000 to Provide Access to Clean Drinking Water   Bethesda, MD., March 22, 2017– WHEELS Global...

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